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About Us

About Us

Enthusiastic lady learning about her preferred Orchard Money Lender, 111 Credit, on her laptop

Hello. We're 111 Credit

And we’re here to help you get your loan the stress-free way.

Motivated young female loan officer takes pride in offering a better borrowing experience for all 111 Credit customers

A better borrowing experience.

Getting a loan can be confusing and frustrating, but we’re here to ensure you’ll be at ease throughout the whole process.

Our commitments to you

A super easy, streamlined application process using MyInfo

A quick turnaround time (1 hour or less)

Personalised recommendations to meet your requirements
Competitive rates according to the Ministry of Law’s guidelines
Comfortable repayment plans that suit your lifestyle
A transparent contract clearly explained to you

Our experienced loan specialists are trained to provide you with friendly and professional services that place your needs first. They would be with you to help you through the entire application process and ensure you are comfortable and well-taken care of.

We have been in the industry for a long time

Previously known as S21 Credit, 111 Credit was established on 27 November 2009 as a Sole Proprietor. On 14 January 2019, we were incorporated as a Private Company. With 13 years of experience in personal lending, 111 Credit provides a range of convenient and affordable loan services.

Experienced female loan officer happy to help borrowers in need
Friendly female loan officer from 111 Credit explains what being a licensed money lender entails to two young business owners looking to get quick cash loans

We're a fully licensed,
legal moneylender.

We're a fully licensed, legal moneylender.

111 Credit is a licensed moneylender registered with the Registrar of Moneylenders of the Ministry of Law in Singapore. We follow the guidelines and regulations set by the Ministry of Law and conform to the laws in the Moneylenders Act 2008. Choosing us means getting your loan legally from a trusted lender who is safe and licensed.